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Le Treasury "Al Khazneh "is known, preserved best more, the most elegant of the royal tombs of Pétra.

the choice of its site is judicious, with the end of a procession (Siq) is a setting in scene which causes a éblouïssant shock.

Monastery "Al Deir" is not as finely carved as the "Treasury". However, it has assets to appear in the heart of the visitors. To hope to see it, it is necessary to climb several hundreds of steps, sometimes (the summer) under a blazing sun. It is located on a height from where one can see Wadi Araba, the mount haroun (tomb of Aron, brother of Moïse). Its creators chose a small stone hill to carve this jewel. The detail, it is that this jewel measures 45 m top for 50 broad. the photo catch by Yann ARTHUS-BERTRAND shows the extent of the work of sculpture without right to the error.


Panoramic sight of the tombs royal

tomb on floors The Royal Tombs
tomb of Sextius Florentinius

The Royal Tombs

The Royal Tombs cover the side of a mountain. Their number and their size make strong impression.

Already, in 130 after J.C., Sextius Florentinius, Roman governor of the province of Arabia are made build a tomb a little well off others and thus pass to the posterity.

Rises to the top place of the sacrifices, the high place of Kubta, in the rise of which one sees the Theatre cut in the rock.


With the turning of a rock, it sometimes happens to meet in Pétra of the blue lizards which must have much evil to hide the their predatory ones.