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At the entry of the site of the Gerasa antique is the vestiges of the Hippodrome. This last measures 245 meters and could contain 15000 people. The town of Gerasa included two theatres at its ends north and south. The southern Theatre dates from I er century. 3000 people came to divert themselves there.


The forum of Jerash is a covered oval space of large flagstones surrounded by a line of beautiful ionic columns. It is the point of passage obliged before borrowing the Roman way.

The very beautiful Roman way that one borrows then is Cardo maximus. It crosses the city on 800 meters. The northern Tetrapylon marks the crossroads with the northern " decumanus ".

Propylées are the gate of the temple on the level of Cardo. A small place (Macellum) borded of corynthian columns was used as market.


Artemis Temple (IIe century) is located on the heights of the Roman city. The large columns which marked the input of the temple were re-installed in order to restore the original majesty of the monument.


Dating from the Byzantine time, three churches are beside the temple of Arthemis.